I love to ski! It is one of my greatest passions in life.

Mammoth Mountain   I love it for the sheer beauty. It is quiet, peaceful, and incredibly fun.
I love it for the challenge. On days where I'm in the flow, skiing is effortless, even when I'm pushing my limits. When I'm not “on it” then it becomes a lesson in working at something while still having a ton of fun.   Ski slope with moguls
Slope for experts    
I love it because it's a great way for friends to hang out and have fun. And it's very family-friendly.   Friends at Mammoth
Heli-skiing with friends    
I love it for the surprise. In this picture, Jessica is skiing into St. Chrisoph. We began the day at St. Anton, a very beautiful resort in Austria near Innsbruck. As we were skiing and exploring, we came upon St. Christoph, this storybook village in the mountains with great Austrian food, and waiters in lederhosen.   Jessica skiing into St. Christoph
Jessica at Mammoth   I love to ski because my wife loves to ski. In fact, we met at the Santa Barbara Ski Club, signing up for a trip to Telluride.
    Jessica on the slopes
Jessica on the slopes    
    Me and Jessica heli-skiing
Jessica and Ray at Mammoth   I love it because my wife and I are both expert skiers and we have great fun together on the slopes.
    Jessica and Ray posing at Mammoth
Jessica skiing at Axomer Lizum in Austria   This is my favorite skiing picture. I took this picture of Jessica at Axamer Lizum, near Innsbruck, Austria, in 2000.